Cycling provides an environmentally friendly means of transport which is also cost effective and provides an excellent form of exercise.

Cycling Routes

Cycle Maps for the Thurrock and Basildon areas can be downloaded by clicking on the following links:

Thurrock Cycle Map

Basildon Cycle Map

In addition to the routes indicated on the above maps, it is to be noted that off road cycle facilities are available to the east side of the DP World London Gateway site access road from the Sorrells to the No.1 London Gateway building (via the blue bridge).

Furthermore, the port has implemented new bridleway links in the vicinity. These can be accessed from either end of the blue bridge (over the site access road) to Wharf Road (to the east) or to the A1014 (to the west).

Local Cycle Shops

Click on the following link to find information regarding cycle shops in your local area:

Local Cycle Shops

Look out for announcements (via the information page) regarding future free on site cycle servicing and training.

Additional Information

Upcoming Events

Upcoming cycling events will be added here.

Other Additional Information

Additional information regarding cycling in the local area can be obtained by clicking on the following links:
Gateway Cycling


Bike Register

Bicycle User Group

Bicycle User Groups are groups of like minded people who wish to cycle together for journeys to work or for leisure cycling. If you are interested in setting up or joining a bicycle user group please contact the Travel Plan Coordinator.

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